Black Opal South Africa


Ready, Set, Stay! Achieve flawless makeup with our setting spray’s unique misting mechanism. Infused with Niacinamide for balanced, radiant skin, our fragrance-free formula ensures lasting makeup protection, embodying clean beauty.

Why you’ll love it:

Delivers a flawless, even application with its unique misting mechanism, ensuring a seamless look all day. Weightless finish transforms your makeup routine, provides an enduring finish. Infused with Niacinamide, it not only sets your makeup but balances the skin, minimizing pores and reducing shine for a radiant complexion. Crafted with a fragrance-free formula, free of Parabens, SUS, and Phthalates, it’s clean beauty.

How to use it:

Hold the setting spray at arm’s length. Close your eyes. Release the ultra-fine mist evenly across your face. Allow it to settle and lock in your makeup for a look that lasts. For a refreshing boost throughout the day, reapply the mist as needed. That’s it – an easy application for enduring, flawless beauty.



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